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The War on Dancing

At this level, taxation starts to change behavior. Dancing was simply unprofitable business. The business model had to change, and ballrooms with big bands no longer made sense, even though the taste of the public hadn’t changed.

Skyhooks and First Causes

Our physical intuitions are actually extremely poor guides, and just because Aristotle framed his argument in terms of ship building and other physical activities does not mean that the analogies are very good.

YADA – Yet Another Designer Argument

So I do try to take other people seriously, and look into their positions, even if I’m quite convinced there will be little new or likely to change my mind. The point is to understand somebody else, and that requires walking in their shoes, or trying to think the way they do.

Crimson Peak – review

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film is Crimson Peak. Hard to classify, it is at times mystery, horror, and gothic romance. It is a lush production, visually and aurally satisfying. Edith Cushing (Mia¬†Wasikowska) has been indulged by her successful father and wishes...

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