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This is my third, fifth, or seventh blog depending on how you count things. My first blog was Invisible Hand, on the Blogspot platform. Blogspot was too limiting, though, and Rational Exuberance moved to the WordPress platform. Both of these are fairly dormant projects. Rational Exuberance focused on financial and technical topics, which I love writing about, but I’ve always felt conflicted about writing on these subjects when I might disagree or embarrass my employer.

Thankfully, no such qualms are involved in writing about fantasy and science fiction.

So what were those other, other blogs, you ask? Well, my wife has a great blog at that I helped her set up, and another one in Czech, Škola Harmonie. I created a WordPress e-commerce site for a job-related prototype, and I run a WordPress site on my laptop as a staging area and test platform.

At a previous point in my career, I was involved in Web standards development. I tracked all the changes in HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. very closely. The experience has left me with an appreciation of user interaction, web typography and building sites that are ‘responsive’. What this means to you, dear reader, is that I will be writing about blogging as well as blogging about writing.

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